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What an experience with you......since the beginning it has been exciting, intense, wild & crazy, educational, emotional, dangerous, yes and loving too...AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
Regardless of what anyone says, regardless of what you say....Our connection goes well beyond this Lifetime, far into the past of Ancient times and places, and even beyond that which WE know today. But here on Earth in recent history this was a time when men and women were different, this is when it was dangerous to be different...AND WE WERE!
WE connected before here, in other realms and other dimensions...BUT HERE is our latest and best memories, here is where all of what WE have been throughout existence all comes together......Here is where WE take everything that WE are and build it further, higher and better for all beings wishing to experience a place like Earth, a place where change is inevitable, a place where one can dive into matter and experience every little detail.

Oh, the stories that could be told, and some were, and some were written down by scribes on parchment paper, on rice paper on tree bark. What WE were called throughout linear time matters not now, but it was REAL, it was our path, it was our experience unlike any others. For those like us, it was a place to grow in ways in which WE could not anyway else in all these Universes of physicality.


Traveling throughout the Cosmos was our way, WE could, and did go many places to experience many realities...Ahhh, but when this place was thought of, when those co-creators and creators began visioning a new place, a new way, a new existence ...it caught our attention immediately...WE were far away in distance and light years away in time but WE heard the calling and came as fast as WE could.


When WE arrived Earth was becoming into being.....the Angelic Hosts, the Angels, the Logos, the Hierarchy for this Universal level and a whole cast of Divine Enlightened beings were present working, awaiting the completion of this beautiful place called Earth... positioned perfectly in a bright Solar system with a number of stable more highly evolved Planets.

Wow, WE said......having been throughout existence forever, this was the first time WE had ever witnessed such a marvelous place with all the varieties of plant life, animal life, all kinds of Life...WE were overwhelmed and became in Love with Earth immediately. There was a lot of activity in the final stages creating the Earth, her surroundings..... and WE watched everything like a child's first trip into a toy store....


WE were amazed at all the different shapes, colours and sounds that WE were bearing witness to. These were truly pleasures unknown to us previously, and WE all reveled in the anticipation of Earths completion. How exciting it was that Source allowed this to come into being, a new experience again was about to begin. 

As the completion came, there went out a calling to all those beings who wished to attend and take part of the new place called Earth.  Here, at the chosen place the Angelic Hosts described what Earth was created for and that Earth was the first of its kind in Creation, never before had such a place existed.


As far as the Angels knew Source was expanding infinitely in greater and greater Divine perfection and this place called Earth was to be a jewel of this expansion and process. Many levels of consciousness had been asked by Source to participate in the manifestation of this Divine intent, to bring into matter that which never before existed in this level of vibration. The plan included many variables....so many, that it was thought that it would be impossible for all of them to exist at once. There was polarities to consider, colours of man, sexes, stages of life, physical emotional-mental-spiritual bodies, gravity, effects of celestial bodies, languages, elements, resonances & vibrations and so, so, so much more.


Then came the moment when all those beings that had arrived from all over Creation to become part of Earths forthcoming existence and history were summoned to the Great Halls of the Divine Council of Source for this Cosmic Day. It was awesome to say the least, it was magnificent to bear witness to the collection of so many high level beings from so many consciousness levels, from so many dimensional levels meeting in one space, lined up to get into Earths existence.

A very bright luminous tall being stood at the end of the Divine Chamber, in this sacred space that was created for this moment. WE could not clearly get a vision of this being as the light emanating from it was so bright, radiating brighter than any Sun WE had ever encountered anywhere. As WE looked around in the Hall WE observed that all the other beings that had collected were simultaneously experiencing the same thing. WE could hear the discussion about this Great Mystery amongst all the different groups of beings.


Then this mysterious light being began to speak aloud informing all of us in the Great Hall that.... Source itself would not be able to enter this realm of existence.  Once one was to enter this new reality, it would appear for all intents and purposes to each and every one of us that WE were disconnected and separate from the ALL THAT IS and will always be as Divine Source.


There was an eerie silence that permeated and resonated throughout the Great Hall, beings began dropping out of the Hall, disappearing as if they were never there. WE stood together, and watched as more and more Divine Beings left the Hall in disillusionment. Never before in any Creation had this been suggested or even thought of.....to be disconnected from Source was never an option....it was literally unthought-of as a possibility.

WE remained silent, feeling our presence as one, knowing that WE knew only this and that to be disconnected, well it had no meaning......it was not possible to perceive what this could be other then it was something extremely different and possibly disharmonious.


Love & Compassion, Trust & Harmony, Beauty & Peace, Balance & Unity, Honesty & Integrity, Faith & Grace were just but some of the Divine Attributes which WE embodied......how could there be any existence without these?  WE had never known anything but connectedness to the ALL THAT IS, even as individualized aspects of Source, WE were still connected. Hmmm, WE thought and thought........WE felt and felt.......WE went inside our beingness; WE went outside ourselves to places WE had visited before for answers. There was none to be had in any realm, anywhere! WE are explorers, WE are travellers, WE exist to experience what Source continually creates in Divine Perfection relative to what has been seen and witnessed in creative expansiveness.


This was truly discomforting to those of us left in the Great Halls of the Great Chamber. WE, as a group consciousness entered Unity and oneness with Source hoping to receive guidance and direction on how WE should proceed. There was silence at first; WE all wondered what would be granted to us all, that which would allow us to proceed in Divine Order as this was always the way.........Then it came, a voice out of the silence. This is an exercise in your free will, this is your own to bear .....There is much to be gained from this journey to Earth in service to Divine Source......There will be much never before experienced, it will be difficult to remember your Origin, you will be separate.......On and on the voice kept informing and instructing. WE all heard and interpreted the same thing as WE were of one consciousness, of one Divine Mind....although a multitude of beings, each with an individualization......WE had Unity.

  There was much to integrate in this introduction to Earth existence; much to Earth living that was not before thought of in the vastness of Creation. WE were told that throughout our existence on Earth, there would be separate individual lives that would encompass unique experiences from one lifetime to another lifetime. Our conscious continuous memory would depend on how WE grew and ascended in each lifetime. If WE did not stay heart-focused and fell into the polarities of the mind, our memories could not stay intact and WE would forget who WE were lifetime after lifetime.


     It became apparent to our consciousness that this was not only a unique opportunity in physical existence but more importantly, what could be gained in service; the knowledge and ensuing wisdom through experience gained in this reality of Earth would benefit the entire Creation of all existences, whether physical or not. WE realized this to be a blessing for beings like ourselves, beings of Light that had unmatched faith in their connectedness to Divine Source, that had travelled and been to the edges of Universes in physicality, that had been pure consciousness as the unmanifested experiencing realities unparallel in Creation.


Again, WE had found ourselves on the brink of a new journey, a new experience, a new service to Divine Source and this one had the potential for more inconsistencies and possibilities unknown than any other experience or Creation that had come before.

Time itself was created especially for this reality. There had been many experiences in time before, but this Creation of Earth, in a Solar system as it was, time itself needed to be new, completely recalibrated and harmonized with frequency never before attempted. Earth was truly a special creation potential of Divine Source, truly a place where no-thing was known previous and even time would operate differently.


As the human expression of today goes, Many are called but few are chosen, was to be our reality in this Earth bound existence. All of those who had come and listened at the Great Hall, few were left and those which remained began to prepare for the descent down in vibrational frequency to arrive at Earth.


This descent would take millennia, going from one level to the next, falling further down into lower density as WE went, becoming denser and denser, heavier and heavier the light body became. Light slowed to take on frequencies so dense that the matter created appeared to be solid, another sensation and knowing that WE were experiencing for the first time.

When WE did arrive on Earth there was much celebration, for the journey was long and arduous. Those that were in charge of record keeping did not know how to store all of the information gained in the descent.


So, it was decided that after the celebrations and grounding in of our-selves to Earth the first order would be to create a recording system so that the valuable information gained would not be lost. This was one of our duties in service to Divine Source, to ensure that the ALL THAT IS would have access to ALL the experience and information gained in the descent into matter here on Earth. This was of course to assist and support Divine Source and all the co-creator and creator levels that were continually expanding perfection, building Universes and different realties for ALL THAT IS to grow for the collectives and individualized aspects of Divine Source.


With the support of the Angelic Hosts and other Divine Beings the Akashic Records were opened. All  of this information and experience was to flow into the eternal now of Creation concerning the creation of Earth, the descent of WE as celestial divine beings into and of Earth, along with the entire history of earth from that beginning point on.........right up until this very present day.

Ahhh, and then the experience of Earth living started.......and continued............right up until the present moment, here in the NOW. What has happened during all of this linear time has been recorded, everything, even your dreams and thoughts....for each one of you.


Divine Source has succeeded splendidly with this new existence called Earth, although for most that have been here and re-incarnated that is not clear yet...but remember, this place you can forget easily.......this place was a most difficult reality yet rich in promise.


WE now are awakening to our true selves, our true nature of Divine Celestial light beings is being remembered at these time of change, of uplifting, of Ascension. Earth, truly a place where a being must stay heart focused or be lost in the myriad of illusion, amazing that it was so well put together, what a test ground for Divine beings to come in and manipulate matter into so many ways.

The natural World WE found here was one that always gave us solace; there was always peace to be found in this place called Nature. WE became so in LOVE with this Earth, WE never wanted to leave, WE kept coming back re-incarnating.


There was something that WE gained here, that became part of our beingness, which became part of our totality that WE never had before in the ALL THAT IS, in the Unlimitedness of Creation.


WE suggest to all other souls that are here now, that are awakening, that are bearing witness to the Illusions, that are finding truth in who and what they are to go inside themselves and remember.........and then prepare for the journey that awaits US all........The journey home to the heart of hearts......our Cosmic Heart.......to our selves once again.

Blessings of Love and Celestial Light to you all


Photo courtesy of  Ark Encounter theme park and Creation museum, Williamstown, KY