four bodies



Today, we the “LIGHT WORKERS” are trying to live consciously into this 3D experience called polarity. Those of us who have raised our consciousness sufficiently to be aware of this process find ourselves in a STRUGGLE between the minds insatiable appetite to know; and the hearts omnipresent faculty to accept all that is as being perfect.


Before we continue, let us set down a basic foundation on which we can agree, otherwise it is pointless to pursue anything. This basic foundation has been one of the primary building blocks that are missing in circles, meditation groups of today.  As a result of this absence it has been extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve unity consciousness within a group setting.




Let us agree that we not only have one body, but four; those being the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. The spiritual body being connected to all of existence everywhere and is ever growing, ever expanding. As we ascend in vibration, we literally ascend or pass through our emotional body, mental body, and then into our SPIRIT or spiritual body.














This being so, we can now see the reason it is essential to heal each of our bodies below the spiritual body. So much time and energy, teachings and tools have been made available to humanity in order for this to be so. Just punch into your P.C. emotional/ mental body clearing, press search, and you will come up with a multitude of methods designed to assist you with this very process. Pick the one that feels right for you, do your homework, empower yourself.


THE MIND (lower, middle, higher)


Whichever it is, it is still the mind. The minds function is to figure out (not in) what, when, where, why, etc. all that comes into its framework. Everything to the minds eye (pineal gland) is to be explained, reasoned with logic and understood. The mind is always in the process of doing.


When creating through the mind you will always have a polar (opposite) effect to your manifestation. This is the nature of the mind and it cannot function different, this is its design and it does it very well. Since the mind is polar (sees in duality) when health is invoked you will also receive sickness, abundance will bring scarcity, wealth brings poverty, etc. This polar effect is a natural state for the mind since in order for it to be whole it completes a picture with two halves, one being the opposite or polar of the other. This is the way the mind perceives a wholeness, a completeness.


Mind states, like dream states are unconscious acts where we can have a positive dream or a negative one. So be aware that we do not have to be fully conscious or awake in order to have mind state experiences of polarity.


NOW, these days evolution is rapid, lessons are being learned at remarkable rates of time. There is too much pressure from the ego being put on the higher mind to understand everything. Everything these days includes all that we have known plus all of this New Revelation/ New Age information that is coming in visa via our own higher selves, spiritual family and friends, channels, authors, teachers, etc, etc, etc. We are in overload as we see many of our dear friends losing it. Reducing the pressure is essential for the process of integration to be of a greater effect.


This can easily be achieved by any aspirant who is willing to practice patience and allow the active part of the mind to communicate its ideas to the heart center by being rather than by doing. Sort of like just watching the process and see where it goes, we have all heard of being the observer to our thoughts, it works, try it. Quieting the mind can be done a number of ways that are now being facilitated on the planet, choose one that appeals to your nature, your state of being in harmony is important. One simple method is to just relax and focus your attention to the beat of your own heart throughout your body.


The heart can act as a bridge joining aspects of ourselves; as in the lower mind to the mental plane, also the higher mind to the divine mind.


Creating a foundation and basic understanding on the nature, purpose, function and potential of the Heart Connection is essential before proceeding with any exercise and/or experience.








In prayer/meditation we have two distinct and different methods available to use in our manifestation process. One being extremely well known and talked about, the other only known (up until recently) to the indigenous peoples of earth, as in native American Indian, Tibetan Monks, Kogi Indians of South America, Peruvian Natives of Machu Picchu to name a few. The one being well known is that of the mind, a good example of this being explained in the now released DVD called THE SECRET…. The Law of Attraction. The less known being the Heart Experience. A small diagram will assist us in a basic understanding.
















This state of being called heart space is ONLY about being present; there as a watcher, an observer. When spirit (consciousness) is in heart space , out of dream state or vision state or whatever state you want to call it; the experience whether visual or sound – this sensation is manifested out of GOD (the wholeness of Source) and you are witnessing this. Once this experience has been witnessed in this state your desire/intent once it manifests in the exterior world (3d. world in which we live) it will do so without a polar effect, or in other words without the opposite occurring. This space can be equated to a super conscious divine dreamlike state. In this state there is no feeling of disharmony, no adverse thoughts, no lacking of. This state is of supreme peace and comfort, of joy, of unity with all that is. In this state of being (rather than doing) you do not have nightmares or bad dreams because you are aware. As in lucid dreaming but with no hint of polarity or negativity of any kind, these thoughts do not even enter your consciousness. You are there witnessing what is occurring and you can even participate as a co-creator if you wish.


When entering the heart space (heart within the heart) you will notice than a sound occurs, from that aspect of your consciousness, that focus (spirit) allows us to realize that we have entered a different, unique space. Many things may occur in this space. Once realized in this space, your consciousness (spirit) has the ability to travel (bi-allocate) in your etheric body (light body). There are no limits here as all is in divine order and in service to all that is. In this state of being is where all permanent healing occurs on all levels.


One may even meditate on oneself in this state to find out on which paths to take to further ones evolution. As well questions may be asked concerning health problems and what one can do for the well being of any of the bodies (physical, emotional, mental).             


In meditation, rather than getting into some form or practice; why not try to contemplate instead of meditate. Let your mind chatter all it wants and then let it quiet down on its own. Patience can give amazing results in a short period of time, and this in itself is of course a paradox. Let your receptivity go with the flow and expand infinitely into whatever is present in the minds eye, watch it. Being conscious always that you are centered in the heart; your lessons will come from the hearts contact with where the mind takes it or with what the mind shows it. It will be perfect for you, because it is you; your heart only wants the best for you.




In today’s society whether spiritual or not there seems to be a tendency for humans to want to share their energetic field (whether they are conscious they have one or not) with almost anyone. To the point; this is not desirable to ones evolution. Spiritual contamination is now something to be considered. Many of us who are on the path of evolution and are conscious of it are going through many processes, which to name a few are emotional, mental pattern removal and clearing, karmic transformation and release. If we are not 100% aware of our intentions we can not only pick up another persons debris but we can also give out that which is of a lower vibration during our own healing processes, resulting in contamination. This has been explained by many of the world’s ancient peoples and can be seen where one is to meet a Master who refuses to be touched never mind hugged, but instead bows with love and humility.


  • It is not desired to hug or kiss anyone that you do not have a history with and know intimately for a considerable period of time, knowing further this persons commitment to the ascension process. (This includes ALL types of personal relationships). We are not promoting fear in any way rather spiritual responsibility and true love, not mind love.
  • The desire to hug another comes from a neediness of the ego and has nothing to do with heart love, but of the reverse, a lack of love for self.
  • Permission must be given (by you or other) or it otherwise is an invasion (conscious or not) of a space (yours or theirs). It has become a CULTural habit, and is a serious need for another person’s energy. Some of us are aware of this fact and if we partake in this exchange can actually feel this pull of energy from the other.
  • Entities are transferred in this way when one allows another to get intimate, where the two energetic fields become intertwined and the two heart centers (charkas) are merged. Entities are not at fault and are drawn towards that which is more loving, brighter, lighter and of a higher frequency/vibration.
  • This contact is born out of a need of non-fulfillment, emptiness, a void of not having enough of. Once the GOD/GODDESS essence is full in your body/being you will no longer have a need (conscious or unconscious) to search out love from another.


A spiritually accepted method of acknowledging another from a love perspective is and has been used:

As follows: Centering oneself in the heart center, hands over heart (on top of one another/ or in prayer position), eye contact, in a state of respect for each others divine individuality, bowing to each other while maintaining eye contact and send from the heart center all the love and light that you wish.

In this way your intent is seen and felt by the other without invading the others space, it is a safe and acceptable means by which one being can express openly their feelings for another.




We have been and are experiencing the releasing of massive amounts of lower vibrations from the emotional body in our process of ascension, this being normal as lower vibrations cannot exist in higher realms (just ask an angel). These releases of patterns and behaviors are a collection we have accumulated over many, many, many lifetimes and has been referred to as cellular memory, karma, etc. In the truest essence (relative to each one) this accumulation is a gift; that being; the emotional body has the ability to experience the widest variety of scenarios through the use of free will and these experiences are recorded and brought back to the ALL THAT IS. This is one of the primary methods that higher levels of existence can learn what 3D polarity is all about.


Since the emotional body exists in this 3D reality it is subject to the pulls of polarity, (good/evil consciousness) and through its impurities and irrationality has allowed us to experience massive amounts of scenarios through pain and fear. This by the way applies to ALL beings on this planet, Masters or not, we all come under this law of 3D. Our work down here, what we do with our time dictates how this 3D polarity affects us, ask any Master. Spirit, the ALL THAT IS, is now allowing all of this to manifest through you at these times, hence the release of letting go of all the baggage (including karma) that we no longer need to carry.


This concept of the emotional body was forgotten when we fell even lower in consciousness after the Atlantean/Lemurian times. It was at this time of the fall when we attempted to override the emotions (emotional body) with the mind (mental body). The proper use of the emotional body visa via emotions was a conduit through which we had direct contact to our heart and soul using our feelings instead of our logic and reason.


This when realized, as is being today is a gigantic cosmic blessing having the full force of Source express through the emotional body. Imagine each human having an infinite amount of experiences and each one being a further expression of Source expanding further into this reality. Do you start to see the picture; realize that we are extremely important to all realms of existence, for without humans there would be no way to perceive, understand or experience this 3D world.


Emotions (like the ego) are not to be ignored or subdued; they are to be integrated wholly in the collective you as an individualized expression of Source. The collective you being all the parts of you that exist on all levels of Creation. Those emotions, which are not in service to the DIVINE PLAN, will be transformed/transmuted/transcended into a higher state of being along with you when ascended. Children are a prime example of being in a relative state of acceptance of the emotional body; they go from emotion to emotion without the mental attachment adults have allowing a greater expression to come forth.


The human mind and brain as it is now and has been for quite some time was created by aspects of ourselves at higher levels, with this intent; that being to be used as a tool to help serve the heart in interpreting this 3D reality.


Since the heart knows all and basically is all, due to its connection with all levels of being the minds function is to interpret that which the heart wants to express here on 3D. It does this by using tools such as space, time and matter and then it passes it along to the emotional body to feel its creation in different forms of emotion. In this way unconditional love flows through the heart into the mind to be expressed in this polarity existence.


With this understanding, we can now see or imagine how ones emotional matrix affects another when they become intertwined. Different colors, sounds and energy matrixes are created every time this exchange or mixing occurs between people. When this is done through unconditional love the effect is without words. It sends indescribable colors, sounds and resonance waves (sine waves) throughout creation, touching all. All beings of light and love, the angelic kingdom celebrate at these sacred unions.


ON MANIFESTATION (on material as well as healing)


Before we discuss the next topic a short explanation is required on what exactly are electrons? They are specifically, Sources light slowed down in 3D so that material things appear solid, and are to someone whose body is resonating at below the speed of light. Electrons are present in everything of a 3D nature. This is not the only name given to these little things of light, others include prana, life force, chi just to name a few, but for this discussion we will use “electrons». Electrons are that Source energy which has been gifted to us to aid us in manifesting matter here in 3D space, time and density. They are at our total command as the co-creators that we are in exercising our free will to create.


When using electrons in correct manifestation with LOVE they flow ever so much more harmoniously and the art of manifestation becomes instant, this due their original design which is to serve LOVE and DIVINITY. The correct spin of electrons is clockwise which produces a signature of LOVE and HARMONY in all things created in this way. When using visualization, affirmations, mantras in prayer, invocation or other tools to assist you in healing or material manifestation you can further the power to create as follows. Using your intent (higher mind) with divine desire, feel the associated emotion of LOVE and JOY while trying to see (or know in the minds eye) that the spinning of the electrons in your manifestation is clockwise.


Cleaning our electrons (light body) can be accomplished by using the resurrection flame/golden ray to infuse divine light so as to increase the vibration of the electron. This will loosen and allow old cellular debris (patterns, behaviors, karma) to be removed and transformed back into light, which it was before being affected by this polarity existence. As long as the electron is inhibited from spinning at its optimum, manifesting absolutes will remain out of reach for the aspirant.


For manifestation, as we know, our focus and intent are necessary on that which we divinely desire. Frequency, our directed attention on that aspect which we desire to create is also a point to be considered in the manifestation/ healing process, this due to the time lag we have here in 3D. Even more so today than in the past, the most important variable in this process is the LOVE and JOY feeling (emotional energy) we attach to the intent (mind energy). This emotional energy must be built in the heart and ever present, so that it is there every time during the day we reinforce that affirmation (thought) we desire to bring forth. Give the concept you wish to manifest a place in your heart and sit there in your heart center visualizing exactly how you want it in divine light and love.


Once your manifestation begins to appear in 3D take hold of it. As you would nurture a plant that begins to pop up through the ground; watering it, feeding it, making sure that no weeds choke it, do so with your manifestation. After receiving that which we have asked to come forth from the ethers, it is paramount that we give thanks for that which we have received, for two reasons. One, it expresses gratitude; two, it further reinforces our manifestation.





OUT OF THE BIBLE; we have the Tower of Babble. This was Source breaking us off into different languages as we descended even lower into matter and resonance. Previous to this fall, all humanity spoke/communicated with the same language that being the language of the heart. This language doesn’t have sounds or words, but images and feelings. These images and feelings are made from sounds (in sine wave form), but unlike the human voice do not manifest words but rather images. A known example would be whale or dolphin communication.


A personal example of Source downloading me in this way; in prayer I was communing with the presence of Spirit and was asking for some guidance on a particular topic. In a flash I felt as though a grain of sand was imprinted in my minds eye, in the following seconds this grain expanded out in my mind to a full, complete image including all the particular details necessary to answer my question. I couldn’t believe the amount of information given, color, smell, audio--- everything was there.

Another example that was an expression of this heart space occurred in Newfoundland with three other people, this was much more spectacular and for those interested I would relate this happening in person.




This relates to the process whereby it is the children, the young ones, who will lead us back to our hearts by showing us how to be more God like. Where as when we were children we have the innocence, playfulness, joy, loving, oneness, non-judgmental, etc, etc, etc. These states of being are of the heart and exist there without the polar effect of the mind.




This university is very advanced and well into sound, color and sine wave research and is respected throughout the modern world for its insight into that which cannot be seen or known through conventional methods.


After spending much time studying the physical heart with advanced sonar and wavelength imagery equipment; it was found that there is a space (energy vortex) within the actual physical heart. Within this spaces physical aspect there was found brain cells. Interestingly enough it relates to an expression used daily “I know it by heart”, which indicates the heart has an intelligence.


From conception when monitoring the development of a fetus, it was recorded that from the human zygote (the original birth cell) the following was observed. Once the original cell splits and the tube (channel) appears, this is where you would get the right lung, left lung forming, it was the human heart that started to develop first before any other organ. The developing fetus grows out of the already formed heart; it actually evolves out of the human heart, hence the expression “born out of love”. Babies are born with a functioning developing heart even before the brain is fully developed. This is the actual “real” human being at the beginning of its physical life in consciousness; the brain comes afterward showing us that it is secondary and that it works off the heart, not the reverse as we are taught.





There are many gifted individuals on the planet presently being investigated by different government organizations, this is one such file.


There was a report of this women who was blind from birth who could see just as well as any normal person, even better than that; it was said she was able to see from the sky down – sort of like floating in a helicopter. The American Pentagon became interested in this women for intelligence gathering missions and sent NASA in to do the examination of her abilities. Mary, the women in question said that she was not only able to see from the sky, but, many times she would go out into the solar system and look at the planets and stars. This intrigued the men from NASA, so they put her to a test. Orbiting above the earth was a military satellite, which they asked her to go along beside and read the serial number on the satellite, in space. Well Mary not only read the serial number but described in detail what the satellite looked like, the location of the American flag on the satellite along with many other details which amazed and even frightened the military men. Mary was a spiritual person and news of this experiment went out to certain circles she was connected with, one of them I happened to be connected to was headed by a man called Drunvalo Melchizadek. Drunvalo went and met with Mary to find out how she was able to do these amazing feats of vision. Mary told him that the procedure was the same every time, she would sit in peace and simply center her self in the heart, feel love for all life everywhere and then in her mind eye little like TV screens would appear around one large center one. The center one contained all of life in and around her on earth; the other ones were of different countries, planets and even different E.T. races that she said she was able to communicate with through the heart. Mary then asked Drunvalo would he like to experience what it was to see in this way. Drunvalo, already knowing about the potentials of the heart space agreed and then experienced the exact same things as Mary had described. After the experience the two talked further and Mary told him that she was not always able to do this type of seeing, that strong negative emotions would stop her completely from seeing in this way.




An author of many metaphysical books, scientist, and doctor has found that children are now entering the heart space on their own and are able to communicate through each other’s eyes. They are linking together in a state of oneness and through this state of being are able to communicate freely.


There is a spiritual exercise that is presently being facilitated throughout the world now by many new age teachers and old societies like the Sufis. This exercise is called the Christ Child meditation and allows an individual to actually become one with the other, as well feel the others body as yours and yours as theirs. It is believed that this is what these new children are doing instinctively.




Indigo Children

Russian Psychic Schools

China super psychics

---- There is written material on all of the above either in book form or on the internet.





We now need to take a look at how, and why we got to be where we are resonating presently, for this will assist us greatly in rising out of this disharmonic 3D existence.


However you want to interpret our birthing here on Earth; whether you look at it from the times of the Garden of Eden or you see it as Mu, or Lemuria/Atlantis; whatever the case, this “human” (god-sound) race was born out of love and that dear ones is out of the heart.


The first teachings we received here on Earth as a group consciousness was that of oneness with all that is, and those are heart teachings. As we fell into lower and lower levels of resonance our Spirit/Soul moved out of the heart and into the mind (pineal) so that we could experience greater aspects of density and separation. This has been our existence since the fall, and this fall was that of the human race going into lower levels of resonance.  With this understanding we can see how the female teachings came first, those teachings of the heart associated with intuition and feelings, aiding us to see in oneness not two’s or the duality associated with the mind. The male teachings came second, that of the mind associated with logic and reason, these teachings are what allowed us to see in duality or polarity.  Today those peoples who are still connected to a degree to these first teachings are the Indigenous peoples. They still have a great respect and admiration for the planet and work on a constant basis with the Mother (Mother Earth), the female aspect of this polarity existence. This maintained connection with the female aspect by the Indigenous peoples has kept the memory in the Earths grid allowing us access at the time of our choosing.


In the western world it has been difficult for those spiritually minded to find our way back into the heart space since it is so mental in its expression of consciousness. This has had drawbacks and dangers, since it is possible for us to create out of the mind.  We have been doing it this way for quite sometime now. Looking at the world’s present condition we can easily see that mind creation is unsuccessful and wasteful. We have tricked ourselves into believing that we are in the heart space but in reality we have bypassed it. We believe that our actions originate from the heart but more probable due to the influence of the ego our intent started in the mind. This makes complete sense since not only do we create things of beauty but we are also masters of destruction further showing us how stuck we are in this polarity and trapped in the mind.


Maybe the Ascension process, the New World is as simple as moving our consciousness/spirit/soul back into the heart from the mind. Maybe we do not have to travel anywhere or to any other dimension, all we have to do is shift from mind to heart.


Back to the ego for a moment, since it is an integral part of our fall into lower levels. In the whole of the creation process; if the mind is capable of creating and the ego is part of the mind, does it not stand to reason that if the ego is not understood and is at disharmony, distortion and illusion that this also will manifest as part of the creation process? So maybe one-way in which to manifest beauty without ugliness, harmony without discord, etc, etc, etc, is to live in the heart but see through the mind. In this way in this world the mind is being used as a tool to the heart, that which it was created for in the first place. If you exist in this way any attempts to spiritualize matter (including the body) will have many more chances of success without the adverse occurring simultaneously.




We can now accept the truth that our consciousness, our focal point for this existence at the moment is centered specifically in the head (mind), that being the pineal gland. The pineal gland works off of light (just like an eyeball) using receptors and a lens that will not shut down until there is complete darkness. This leads us to an understanding, which that the mind continues to function, processing thoughts and information as long as light is being received by the pineal. Once there is complete darkness your spirit will be in a state that allows the mind to release its hold and that allows your spirit to descend down your channel and anchor into your heart center. There is an age hold phrase that states “Spirit will continually search out the true God Flame, that which is located in the heart of hearts”, this in essence is true and it is that which we now call the Sacred Heart Center.














HUMAN HEAD                  HUMAN HEART

Spirit now exists in the Pineal gland

Before the fall, Spirit was located in the Heart of Hearts.


In the pathway, we will experience going down from the pineal, where consciousness (spirit) presently exists, then into the heart center. The object that will be used to take us there to this realization is the emotional body. It is now necessary to be aware that we actually have two emotional bodies, each one possessing the same faculties. One major difference being that one works outside polarity and duality. One emotional body is directly connected to the brain/mind, the other to the heart (primal). When spirit is located in the heart it knows only oneness, unconditional love, movement without being polarized or limited. As with the mind, spirit knows polarity, duality (2 things always), even love is experienced from a polar viewpoint. The instrument itself, that being spirit or consciousness when projected from the mind becomes polarized causing us to see 3D reality as good/evil consciousness and not oneness.


Having two emotional bodies that are each connected to a distinctively different resonating heart field (as found by Stanford Research) makes for a realization. In essence our mind or mental body is connected to the exterior heart (heart # 1- as in diagram) which has senses, feelings, love capacities, etc, but all of that which is polarized. Whereas our other emotional body is connected to the sacred heart (heart#2- as in diagram) that also has senses, feelings, love capacities, etc, but has no polarity. We can further with this understanding do great inner healing work on ourselves, and access our energetic centers (chakras) through this sacred heart for manifestation, life experience, etc, without a polar or opposite effect. The choice is as always our own.  We have free will, when either heart is accessed it will give us a different reality to experience through and interact with, one having a polar effect the other having none




Let us first describe what has been discovered through scientific research on the Toroidal Field/ Electromagnetic Fields created by the functioning of the brain versus that of the functioning heart. We will look at this strictly from a 3D point of view so as to awaken the mind.


Comparing electromagnetic fields, Stanford Heart Math research found that there were two different fields coming directly out of the physical heart that could be measured and seen. Inside the physical heart these fields were in proportion/ the same ratio as in sacred geometry where you have a cube within a cube. (remember Metatron’s cube) When measured it was found that the inner field of the heart (primary heart) had a electromagnetic flux 10 times greater than the flux created by the brains field. The field had a center axis and was in line (vertically) with the axis of the human spine, but not directly on top of the spine, instead it is to the left of the spine just as we know that the heart is located to the left inside the human body. Upon further examination they could see that the field was flat on top and resembled a vortex, a funnel like field extending downwards or inwards. The following diagram is the best way to explain what is meant by a toroidal field, vertical axis and horizontal axis. Once we have this understanding we can then begin to imagine this field in our own body and how this might be the doorway talked of throughout the ancient worlds as the “doorway to the universe is within us’’.













The field is disc shaped and lies flat; the center of the field where the axis joins the top of the field is the space within the space in the scared heart. This is the doorway or connection point, the focal point of where we want our consciousness to be seated.




In a meditative state (your choice), centering all levels of self from 3D. Earth to undifferentiated source, calling in all our guides, arc angels, etc. Accepting that our Spirit/Soul is focused at these present times in the brain/mind, specifically the pineal gland.


Begin to bring your awareness, your consciousness, your essence down the center channel – the tube that runs down from the crown chakra through all your body to the base chakra. Visualize this if you can or have a knowingness. With your intention bring your spirit down through the throat chakra, stop and listen. Feel and sense this area in your body where your consciousness now is. If possible try to see yourself sitting in your throat area looking out, so that you would see your nose, eyes, forehead just above you and your chest, belly, legs, etc just below you. Make this as real for your mind as possible knowing that you are just about to experience the heart space probably for the first time in this lifetime, get excited about it. Stay here for a while until you get a sense of where you are in your body in relation to all the other parts.


Now, proceed to descend again down along the same channel. Realize that the goal or place you wish to arrive at is the physical 3D heart. Understand and realize that once you have descended and arrived at the heart level along the spine (channel/tube) you will then have to make a conscious move over to the left (if you are looking straight out from you body) to align with the axis of the heart. The axis of the heart center is perpendicular to the axis of the spine, they are beside each other. Arriving at the level of the heart, your consciousness/spirit must now move to the left (inside the body) to the top of the physical beating heart. Once there realize this is the top of the toroidal field we have spoke of. See the diagram to fully understand where you want to be in spirit in the body, or in other words where you want your consciousness to be within your physical body.




Moving left; visualize/imagine that your spirit is now on top of the toroidal field. You can be lying or sitting on this vortex field at the top. You can imagine the top of this field to be sort of like a large inner tube, a donut shape.













Lie on this field and get a sense that the field is beginning to move clockwise, spinning faster and faster. As it spins it is moving you down this vortex (sort of like going down a drain) to the center of your physical heart. The field will stop moving once you have descended down into the heart center where it is dark, still and silent. Now that you have arrived get a sense, a feeling for this sacred place.


Be aware of where you are in spirit in your body and ask, “Let there be light”. Wait and see what type of light appears, and know that it can be different for each one of us. Remember: heart works without a source of light whereas mind works with a source of light.


Source will present to you that light which is specific and familiar to you. You should not try to mimic and copy anyone’s experience, for there is a discovery there waiting only for you.


Next, a vibration or sound or both will begin to become apparent to your knowingness while being in the hearts space. You may or may not be aware of this during the first time experience in your heart space. This sound vibration according to the angels is consistent and has never changed, they say it has been forever; before creation itself; before the physical manifestation of this Universe.




Once you have integrated/remembered this sound/vibration, you can at anytime get back into the heart space by just remembering   the sound. It acts like a beacon to your soul guiding it back to its home, your home, the sacred heart.


Once you have the vibration/sound try to mimic it with your throat. It is similar to a humming sound. This practice should become part of your regular meditations to assist you further in attaining heart space.




Discover a light, which appears, this light is different from light sources that we know. This light is different to exterior (to the body) lights we have experienced, like the sun, moon, candles, fluorescent, etc. This light has no shadow, as it does not originate from any particular focus point and appears to be luminous on its own. It is its own source of light; it does not come from outside in, nor inside out.




In this practice the experiences are so different to each. We can therefore give only those details provided to us by adepts and Masters who have been doing this work and have offered their own data and observed conclusions. REMEMBER: these are guidelines only and can vary for each individual.


A person could see this space being represented as a cave, a pyramid, a crystal dome or one could see oneself sitting off in space with the planets and stars surrounding you. The heart space will present itself and evolve as an experience that is in your best interest, as guided by your higher selves.




ALL the Akashic records are accessible here. One can know basically anything, about anyone, about anywhere that has to do with dimensions and physicality. Once you are in the heart there is no danger for you to know everything, since your intention in the sacred heart can be only honorable. Even if you gained information that you could use for the detriment of anything, it would be forgotten as soon as you left heart space. This is part of the way the Divine Plan or anything else of this nature cannot be used the wrong way, sort of like a fail-safe system.


The expression “your heart’s desire”. This is the heart space that is being referred to, that in divine desire it is divine order that allows you to have that which your heart desires. Again, this shows us that there are no limitations when spirit moves and acts in this way of divinity. This is the space that children go to daily in their loving play with life. You can tell where a child is by looking at them in the eyes; the smile on their face cannot hide the love they are expressing inside. Adults, once this practice has been integrated, can go to the heart space and ask there “What is my hearts deepest desire? What is it I want to experience/ learn in this Creation more than anything else?” then follow it up with asking for all the information, direction and strength needed to attain this. Know this, if your request is from your heart and in service to ALL THAT IS you will receive your answer. Remember again there are NO LIMITS to DIVINE ORDER, this is Cosmic Law.


Following the above paragraph, a question to oneself in the heart space might be worded or thought about along these lines. This is only a suggestion presented to give you an idea to an approach on what you yourself might want to know.


Questions; Why did I come to this planet? What is my Divine purpose? How do I fit into the Divine Plan, and how might I accomplish this?


In essence, when you view/see the Earth through the heart space, what you are witnessing and/or experiencing is the Primal Earth. This earth is the original place where it was created to be that “garden of Eden”, without polarity and duality, where all were one with all that was given to us from Source. When we fell from the last civilization (Atlantis/Lemuria), our spirit moved from the heart space to the pineal gland and we now see the Earth through the lens of the mind. This lens gives us a dual (good/evil, up/down, etc) or polar view in which we see and experience opposites.


The practice of the heart space experience will in time allow the axis of the heart to move over to the right and connect along the axis of the spinal cord of the mind to join as one again. This will facilitate all that we know and have experienced into a wholeness, a oneness of the sacred heart. It is from this space that we will ascend to greater levels of existence.




Once you have integrated this practice and are fluent with its methodology there are a beautiful variety of experiences that you may do alone or with someone you care deeply about. We have done these ourselves and are excited to pass them along to you for your joyful empowerment.


Alone; Go into the heart space and ask someone that you really love to appear, and take the experience from there.


A couple; as above, and then with eyes open look into the eyes of each other and see yourselves, then try to see yourself through the other persons eyes as in the Christ Child meditation.




All of this that has been presented above has been gathered and compiled over the past 20 years of my life here on Mother Earth. Many years of my life have been as an initiate in Indigenous studies with much experience in ceremonies and medicine circles. The privileges that have come in my life are many as a co-creator and servant to the divine. Many peoples and Masters have I met from around the globe, all with an abundance of teachings and methods, of exercises and ceremonies, of practices and tools. All have added to my understanding and growth here on Mother Earth. The angelic realms, the deva elementals, our space brothers and sisters are all of who have assisted in this understanding that has come to me. I give thanks in much love and light for all that has come my way, the good and the bad, the up and the down. From all of this, it has led me back to that which I have always been, that spark of the divine, my heart of hearts, the sacred heart. 




What has just been explained is an extremely simplistic approach to what I believe to be the key to the ascension process. All of what we have come to know and practice in this 3D past has led us to where we are now. Where we are now is still in the mind with even more information on how to ascend this way or that. Source simply is, heart space simply is. It is not complicated or difficult to attain, as the mind would lead you to believe. What has been made into by the outer world which includes most of our well meaning new age teachers and schools as a complicated process isn’t, it is a paradox again.


Our trap is still the mind and it’s ever-insatiable attitude and drive to know all that there is to know, and that in itself is impossible. For knowledge is ever expanding, ever growing just as in Source.


Peace and harmony, what a concept, and how important do you feel or believe or think this is to one’s soul evolution? Any guesses? It is mandatory; the soul cannot ascend in a disharmonic state. If we dare to accept this as a truth, we can then further understand how so many spiritual concepts, teachings and tools, etc, etc, etc can further cause us emotional and mental stress resulting in an unbalance. For here we are again wondering, thinking, and feeling which road we should choose to walk on to get us to where we want to BE, so that we can BE in correct alignment, resonance and vibration to ascend.


When was the last time you felt at peace and at one with everything that surrounded you in life? For many of us it is in nature, with all of life vibrating around us yet for some strange reason this state brings us an inner peace. When we are in nature all there really is to do is BE…….. appreciate the sounds, the colors and the scents around us. This non-active state of just BEING, of just BEING in LOVE with all of Earths natural state is what brings us that harmony and peace which the soul seeks.


So in closing, why not try BEING for a while in whatever makes you feel one with ALL THAT IS. This may open you up to that “truth” which will lead you to your “heart” and that my dear ones IS THE ASCENSION.